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    Weird results after pool party...

    Lol!!!! But shouldn't I have lost some chlorine????
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    Tests Showing Odd Results

    Hello and welcome! I'm new too, but wanted to quickly chime in until the experts arrive....your CYA needs to be increased. If you are at 0, you won't be able to maintain FC. Read "Pool School" and it will explain a lot. Also, the CYA/FC ratios. Also look at Pool Math...that will tell you how...
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    Weird results after pool party...

    So I tested this at 7:49am: FC. 7 CC 0 pH 7.4 After 4 kids playing for 2 hours midday.... tested again at 5:49pm FC. 7 CC. 0 pH 7.6 Sunny all day and around 87 degrees. I lost NO chlorine???
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    Why so much hate on pool store's water test?

    Re: Why so much hate on pool store's water test? Have you ever checked out Reverse Osmosis? it may pencil for you guys in the desert.
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    Volley Ball court or Horseshoe pit

    Make sure the regent you buy from Leslie's is not expired! I bought 2 oz R004 from them an it expired in 2/2017 lol! So back it's going tomorrow.
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    Was low on chlorine...for a few days!

    Thanks as always Richard!:p
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    Was low on chlorine...for a few days!

    So I was low on what should be my "proper level". Pool is crystal clear and looks great... I test daily and here are my results. May 31 FC 4 CC 0 Ph 8 TA 125 CH 250 CYA 70-80 Missed June 1st June 2 am FC 2 CC 0 added 1 gallon of chlorine June 3 am FC 1.5 CC 0 added 1 gallon MA and2...
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    Yellow/Green Water

    If you put your question in the "search" bar, which is located in the upper right hand corner, you will find other posts about the same issue. I read a few and it looks like it turns green due to the metals in the water (a chemical reaction I suppose). Im sorry your dealing with this! I am sure...
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    Can't beat this brown/orange colored algae

    I did the same thing! I let my chlorine level down as I had run out. Dont worry, you got this...
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    Need help getting started - Where to go from here

    Good Morning! Cant wait to see your beautiful pool all crystal clear and blue! Just wanted to say though, the picture looks like an "inground pool" not an "above ground" pool. That makes a difference on some things.
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    Can't beat this brown/orange colored algae

    Your soooooo smart...I know I speak for alot of us here; "Thank you Richard!" for all your posts and knowledge!!!
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    Frustrated New Pool Owner - Please help!

    Hi, welcome and I had same problem! Your CYA is too high. I had to drain and so do you, OR you could call a Reverse Osmosis company to filter/r/o all your water. The first thing any of the pros here will tell you is get YOUR OWN TEST KIT! Someone will chime in and give you the website. Then...
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    New pool owner (3 days) working to get chemistry correct

    Hi, congrats and welcome!:kim:Beautiful pool and spa! Im new as well, but been around enough to know that pictures of your pool equipment will be asked for. You will be turning valves to turn on jets...but need to see your pool equipement!
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    Argh... Struggling with new pool...

    You can also type in "brown water" in the search bar of this site and you will come up with tons of other old posts regarding your same problem. I personally use that all the time! :)