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    Heat Pump Doesn’t Seem to Be Working

    Might want to try one of the "liquid" solar covers on the market. Not as good as a true solar blanket, but they work well.
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    Natural gas to propane

    Understand that your heater will use about 4 gallons of propane per hour. Locally that's the difference between about $10.00@hour (propane) and $4.50@hour (natural gas). The line coming in to your meter is a high-pressure line and should not have to be replaced unless, as someone else mentioned...
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    Polaris PBSQ4 Booster Pump Question

    Unfortunately, no unless your pump is a Waterway Powerdefender 2.7. There are ways to do this with parts that are available (DIY), but nothing is commercially available. You can replace your mechanical time clock (most likely an Intermatic) with an electronic one. That is how my system is set...
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    Spa draining at night + Water level dropping overall

    Please check that your pool/spa suction valve is closing completely. Also, there should be a check valve in the return-to-spa line that may be leaking back to the pool. If you need to replace it, if it is not a Jandy-type, it would be good to use that type that can be repaired without cutting it...
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    PVC PIPE came out .

    Doesn't look like there was much glue there in the first place. I always use primer when, on the rare occasion, I use flex pipe. Not sure why flex was used beyond the fact that it is easy to work with or maybe there is a reason for its use in NJ. You can get small quantities of BLUE glue and...
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    Pentair Inteliflo OR Hayward Maxflo Pump?

    You may be comparing apples to oranges. A Maxflo is a medium-head head pump and less expensive (though very good) pump. I have installed several. They are rated at 1.65 THP and would be good for a system with 1.5" plumbing like yours. You did not mention exactly which Pentair VSP you are...
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    New pool owner.... need advice on agp pump

    Speck pumps have been around a long time. They are well made, but not very "main stream" so parts may be a problem when things break. They always break eventually, that's why I have a job. Though they are a little more expensive, I would stick with Hayward or Pentair. Parts for these pumps...
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    Valve actuator with 3 stops?

    Sorry, no. They are only designed for two positions, at least at present. Who knows what they will come up with. Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Intermatic, and some private labels all work, essentially, the same and are interchangeable.
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    Pump too powerful?? Now what??

    Would be good to show a picture of your system. Sounds like you have a valve closed, or a hose kinked, after the filter and are "dead-heading" the pump. Water has no where to go so blows the hoses off. That's a much better result than having a filter-lid blow off. I'm not familiar with a...
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    Broken outlet piece on filter

    For now, go to Home Depot and buy a 1.5" threaded plug. Put several (at least 6) wraps of Teflon tape on it and put it into the filter. You can then replace that part at your leisure. Or, unscrew that part, go to a pool supply and get a replacement. Same advise for the t'tape.
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    New Pool + Pool Company Management = confusion

    No, tablets in the skimmer can cause a problem. A major portion of the tablet is an acid, heavier than water. Most residential pools in my area have the main drain plumbed into the pool-side port of a skimmer. When the pump is not running the heavier solution will fall down the pipe to the main...
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    Tagelus 1.5" MPV - threading on outside of ports??

    Sorry for the mis-information. I meant these: CMP 1.5 in. MIP X 2 in. PVC Hi-Temp Union 21063-160-000. I especially like that, while you can use Teflon tape, they usually seal well with the "O" ring that comes with them
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    One more plumbing puzzle...

    Not sure the age of the system, but one of the most common places that is often overlooked is the stem "O" rings on each of those valves in front of the filtration pump. I will take the valve apart, remove the stem "O" rings place a small amount of pool grease on the stem, return the rings...
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    New Pool + Pool Company Management = confusion

    After 30 years in the business I have come to the conclusion that the only people that add tablets to the skimmer are 1) People that don't know better, 2) People that replace skimmers (yes the tablets will deteriorate the plastic, 3) People that replace pumps, motors, heaters, plaster at the...
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    Cryptosporidium - The Germ for 2019

    Its not that crypto can't be killed with chlorine, its that the contact time is so long that it appears to be ineffective. You can find many articles on that subject, especially this time of year. So far, it appears that a combination of UV and ozone are the best way to minimize an already...