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Thread: breaker to pool light randomly trips

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    breaker to pool light randomly trips

    At my rental home in Florida, I have an ongoing problem where the breaker to the pool light randomly trips. Replaced the breaker, ran new wire, and had electricians look at it. No solution???

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    Re: breaker to pool light randomly trips

    What light (make model)?

    What did the electricians say?

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    Re: breaker to pool light randomly trips

    I am in another state, do not know. I will have to find out. I have a new electrician coming. But in the past I changed lights, ran new wire, and put new breaker in. My guess it is on the same breaker of an outdoor outlet that is bad. I had something similar happen at home. The source was the pool cover pump.

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    Re: breaker to pool light randomly trips

    GFCIs are pretty sensitive to minor current imbalances. It only takes a tiny bit of current imbalance to trip a GFCI. If there is a serious problem, most electricians should be able to determine the cause.

    If it is so-called "nuisance" tripping, then it can be much more difficult to determine the cause, and would require a much better electrician.

    Since the GFCI does not trip immediately every time, then it's likely to be some sort of nuisance tripping, which can be caused by many different things, such as excessive wire length etc.

    Hopefully, the new electrician will be able to determine what the problem is.

    Note: For safety, the light should be left off until a qualified electrician can fix the problem and certify that the light is safe to use.

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