Wrong Plaster color... now what?


Apr 18, 2010
Dallas Ft. Worth
Pool is finally finished but somehow the plaster company installed the wrong color quartzbrite. We debated long and hard between a midnight blue (a dark blue, about the color of a BLUE crayon) and Aruba sky (a light blue, like robins egg blue). We first picked the midnight but got worried. After driving over 100 miles to see pools, scouring the internet, and driving everyone I know insane, we changed our minds to the lighter Aruba sky.

Day of plaster I triple checked the color with the installers, and as they sprayed it, it looked light blue. It was a little darker but as it was wet, we thought that would be the final color when wet. Acid wash went fine but as we filled it up it got darker. Then came the acid bath, every day it got darker. Plaster guy came out and insured PB and I it was the right and it would lighten up to the light blue. Pool has now been neutralized, all the chemicals balanced and it is still not light blue. It looks almost exactly like the midnight blue. My guess is they did not get informed we changed our color choice.

We have shade all but 4 hours a day, so the water color looks like lake water, not attractive with our style (roman with blue glass tile/white precast coping). In sun it's a dark windex color that clashes with our blue tile. Also the LED lights we have don't show up well, most colors look blue because the walls are so dark.

The PB said during acid wash we would reevaluate the color July 1st and decide what to do from there. Not sure he will even offer to redo it. He has gotten a bit testy with me over it, but has since backed off. Not sure how he will be if come July 1st I insist it is wrong and we don't like it.

My question is, what is the replaster process if we decide we hate it and want it redone? Is it detrimental to the pool? I don't want to end up worse than we are. Any advice appreciated!


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Jul 10, 2009
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It will probably need to be chipped out like any other re-plaster job. Hopefully one of the pool industry guys will have some advice for you.


They could saw cut under the tile, chip down about 6-8 inches under the tile and prep the "wrong" color to accept new plaster. By making the saw cut under the tile and chipping they are able to flair back up to flush with the tile so there is not a "hump" coming back to that area. The "wrong" color plaster would need to be prepped and most likely Bondkoted to accept the new color material. Obviously the pool would need to be drained and refilled again for this work to occur.

It has happened before that the wrong finish is applied, and I am sure it will happen again. I'm sorry to hear this after all your hard work to pick the right color.


Apr 18, 2010
Dallas Ft. Worth
Thanks for the replies!

Really did not want to hear that it had to be chipped out. We have glass tile that I fear would be scratched and chipped. While building, they removed a small section of tile to relay and managed to damage the existing tile. The area now has scratches and the backing chipped so the color is missing. Would hate to see how much damage there would be if they removed the whole perimeter. I am guessing the plaster is just as hard to remove as the grout. What a mess


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Aug 25, 2010
Liz101 -

I am not sure they did the wrong color. I am looking at the Aruba Sky for my pool and I dont see it as a Robins Egg Blue at all (the color you showed in your mail above)!! My assessment is that is is more of a medium blue. Like French Gray only less gray and more blue.


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Oct 18, 2009
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Do you have pics of the bags that the plaster came in? I took many pics our plaster to make sure it was the right color. I am so sorry to hear that you are not happy. Could you post some pics of your pool?