Wrinkle in New Vinyl Liner Pool Advice Needed


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Jul 19, 2011
Lehigh Valley, PA
Hi Guys:
I just got a new 16x32 Vinyl Liner inground pool installed in the last 2 weeks. My 9 year old has been in it but no one else has since we got it as its still pretty cold.
I went in yesterday just walking around the shallow end (still pretty cold) and noticed a wrinkle with my feet that was about 4 inches long and clearly noticeable.
It seems to be right around the spot I was manually vacuuming one day where the vacuum just got STUCK, and I had to turn off the pump to remove it fro that spot.
I am not sure if it was there before or not, as you can feel it a lot better than you can see it.
1.) could my manual vacuum have caused this ? (this was the cheap one that came with pool)
2) if it was there to begin with, what are my options ?
3) We have had a lot of rain also...not sure if that caused anything. My liner was't floating or anything like that.

My pool builder is OK but the company that hired him are jerks(he is an outside contractor). Of course I found this out AFTER the process already started and I paid half down.
Overall the pool looks good, but this troubles me.
Thanks in advance.


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Aug 10, 2017
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If you have excessive groundwater you can possibly get enough pull to move the liner. Not clear if you just noticed it and you definitely did it with vacuum or your not sure. Any decent PB would see the wrinkle in flat floor area and adjust it so you may have some water issues going on. What's your ground and yard like drainage wise


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Jul 19, 2011
Lehigh Valley, PA
Can you post pics of the pool bottom showing the liner and the wrinkle?

@jimmythegreek may have some thoughts.
Sure here you go. I mentioned it to the Pool Builder and he said he would come out and fix. He has yet to do though. Not the most responsive guy.
The land around my pool seems fine, no standing water puddles (unless its raining heavy of course). After heavy storms yesterday all of the water in the land around the pool is puddle free and drying nicely.
Do I need to worry about having an automatic vacuum hit this and make it worse ? (Kreepy Krauler Kruiser I have)