Wonky SWG Output Not Matching Automation Settings

Jul 16, 2020
Augusta, GA
I have a Hayward T-15 Turbo Cell SWG. I measured my daily FC loss at around .5 ppm. Pulled up PoolMath and looked at the relative settings on my SWG, which was 1 hour a day at 75%. I set a schedule for my SWG to run from 9:15am to 10:15am.

For 3 days, this schedule ran and I measured FC on that 3rd evening to see if I was maintaining 6ppm FC. It was 14 FC! 8ppm for seemingly only running 3 hours.

Some additional observations:

- When I looked at my OmniLogic App, I noticed the Chlorinator was showing "chlorinating" at 9:04 am, prior to my scheduled start time.
- My chlorinator never shows "On", unless I flip it on manually outside of a scheduled runtime. It does cycle into "chlorinating" status on/around my scheduled runtime.
- Hayward Customer Support says "Schedules are not recommended for chlorinators because they will only power when necessary to meet the output percentage set". I assume this just means that some customers are confused and don't understand 50% for 2 hours and 100% for one hour have the same output, but I'm not sure.
- 100% no other schedules set for my SWG other than 9:15am - 10:15am. In order to generated 8ppm FC @ 75%, my SWG would have had to run a total of 8 hours during these 3 days.
- My pump runs 24/7 at a speed higher than the SWG's minimum.

Any idea what my issue may be?
Jul 16, 2020
Augusta, GA
So I just saw another discussion about 180 minute duty cycles.

If I have it set to 1 hour @ 75%, that means it was running for at least 135 minutes each day? That would explain the 8ish total hours of runtime.

Should my minimum schedule be a 3 hour block of time? 25% for 3 hours would still give me the 45 minutes needed per day.
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