Winterizing Skimmer Plug for Hayward Above-Ground Pool Skimmer


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Sep 2, 2013
Herndon, Virginia
I purchased a winterizing plug for my Hayward above-ground pool skimmer SP1091LX. It has a foam-type seal with a hard plastic cover. However, usiing all of the strength and man power in my household, I cannot get the plug to fit all the way around. When I push the top in, the bottom pops out...when i push the bottom in, the top pops out!! I even purchased a Lube and applied it around the plug sides to make pushing it in easier, but it didnt seem to help. I was assured it would be a simple project. I made sure it was exactly the dimensions of my skimmer opening, and it still doesnt fit.

Does anyone know of a different plug that actually works?! I would really appreciate some help! Thank you!