Winter Cover Size


Apr 19, 2018
Randolph NJ

This is my first year with my 24ft round AG pool. The place were I bought it this past summer, the salesman is suggesting I purchase a larger winter cover, 28ft, which is really 32ft size. The 24ft size he sells, is really 28ft in size. I am thinking the larger 28ft size is way overkill and will be much harder to handle due to the size. Plus it cost more. The salesman says the benefit is less stress on the walls of the pool, I guess the extra fabric helps with water and snow weight.

Thoughts? I live in NJ, where the winters are snowy and cold.


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Jun 18, 2014
Glassboro, NJ
I go with a cover for 34x18 for my 32x16 oval pool. It finishes 21'x37'. More room for error and there is extra cover to alleviate the pressure build up with water snow and ice. I let the cover lay on the water with round floats tied off in the middle. I can drain from the edges.


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Sep 18, 2012
IL, NW of Chicago
I also have a 24' AGP. My winter cover is listed as for a 24' round pool. The documentation isn't totally clear, but it is either 27 or 28' diameter, and has been a perfect size. I live in Chicagoland area, so we also get a deep freeze of the pool.

I'm seeing that I bought the cover from Midwest Canvas about this time in 2012. It has a 4-yr full warranty, and 20 prorated warranty. I may contact them because the top coating is starting to break down. I think there are some small holes in the cover, because there was a little silt (from the lot of decaying top compost) when I opened the pool this spring.


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May 30, 2012
Montville NJ
Not sure how that would create less stress. I try to keep the leaves and water off my cover (doing so also helps to keep more water IN the pool for opening)

I use a cover for a 28' pool on my 27', but that is only because 27' is a bit of an oddball size and they really don't make winter covers for it.

I'm in the same area you are as well.