Winter cover question


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May 27, 2014
Clarksburg, WV
I have a 24' pool with a 30x40 deck around it.

This year i just used the round cover that came with the pool, but next year, im thinking about getting a new cover that would basically cover the whole deck. A big 30x40 tarp basically. Like a big inground pool cover.

The problem is getting under the deck around the pool to tie the round cover off. This year, i just ran a rope through the gromets and tied it off to the railing. Which worked fine, but i'm afraid it will eventually discolor my deck where the tarp is covering it. If i cover the whole thing, i think i'd be better off. I could tie off the big cover over the edge of the deck easily. I thought about installing some of the recessed D rings into the side of the deck and running the cable through them...

Hope that all makes sense....Thoughts?

Here is a pic....