Will not open pool this year...advice please


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Jul 24, 2015
South County, Rhode Island
Good Day, All. My neighbor broke her arm in May and decided not to open her pool this year. We still have the cover on, have put mosquito dunks in the water on the cover and in the buckets holding the cover down. There are tadpoles growing in a couple of the buckets which I am gently draining for relocation of the tadpoles to a more suitable location.

This is a 24 foot AG x 4 foot pool. The pool was winterized properly according to TFP directives. I sniffed into the skimmer yesterday and it smells fine and I can peek at the bottom and see liner. I need to take a flashlight to get a better idea of the water color though. The water level is about an inch below the return aperture and that is where we are keeping it.

My concerns are that the cover now has leaves in it and the water on top is a gucky green. This is a brandy new cover installed last fall but seems brittle to me. Owner said this was an 80 dollar cover, so I don't have a lot of faith in it for a second winter. I have suggested we clean up the leaves and pump off the water from the cover, minding the water level of course. I also fear the cover will fail at some point before next summer. Is it ok to install a new cover directly over the old one? The reasoning behind that is that we are a couple of senior citizens with limited stamina for this stuff and do not want to get halfway through and have to leave it for one reason or another. Owner is very concerned about doing the best for her pool. Her neighbors are trying to tell her that she is ruining her pool by not opening it.

One has even volunteered to open it for her, but they are oblivious to the ongoing maintenance, ie vacuuming, by a 78 year old alone with a broken wing. Owner is very meticulous with her pool and always has been so rather than rely on the unreliable, she has decided not to open it. Which in my personal opinion, is wise.

Your advice would be much appreciated as always!

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Every year we see a few owners in a similar situation and for whatever reason opt to leave the pool closed knowing it will probably become a swamp. Might mean a more aggressive transition period to remove algae and possibly staining next spring, but it's understood. I would certainly try to keep the current cover clean & dry and hope that it doesn't rupture. If you folks believe you can attach a new cover over the old one, that's fine, just clean & dry the original first.
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