Will any robot cleaner work for my Roman-shaped pool?


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May 22, 2007
West Chester, PA
Our Jandy Ray-Vac bit the dust and so we just purchased the Pool Rover Plus from Costco. (Our pool is what I think is called Roman shaped: rectangular with half-circles on the ends.)

The unit does a fantastic job cleaning except for one thing--the shape and location of our wide layer-cake steps seem to push the unit out of the shallow end no matter what, since the bottom step in one corner of the shallow end faces the deep end. Which means the unit ran for 6 hours both times we tried it before hauling it out and calling it a night.

The unit travels up to the steps, and then keeps going until both front wheels are touching the step, which means that no matter what when it changes directions it heads down to the deep end. Changing the timing cycle both up and down doest not address this issue.

So here's my question:
Does the shape of my pool preclude this type of cleaner?
The Ray-Vac, despite it's old technology worked well, when it worked. But I got so sick of replacing the super-expensive bits of plastic, and have read so many glowing reviews here about the robot cleaners.
And I really would like to avoid paying $1200. for a cleaner. Am I out of luck?


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Jun 27, 2007
Poughquag, NY
Have you tried changing the wheel direction (using the large pin at the front of the Rover?). That changes the direction that the Rover turns in when backing up - it might help (but might not!). Just checking.