Why we have an Agree to Disagree area:

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This area will serve as a place to move topics that are either controversial or for whatever reasons, go on without ever reaching any useful conclusion. Those people who are following the topics can do so here without involving the rest of the forum.

This does not mean that the rules do not apply in this area. If a thread is moved here, you are still expected to treat the other posters in a respectful manner and simply "Agree to Disagree."



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May 14, 2007
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Great idea Sean, I ventured into the dreaded SWG debate and quickly moved it to "File 13".

Site's getting better and better, but on one note, I find some posting's do have the familiar ring of a sales pitch added? I particularly loved the article about comparing road salt to the salt content of pools, lol, I live in Eastern Canada, where if it was not for Road Salt we would all be sitting home due to the amount of snow we get. They also are now using a Salt Brine and I believe it to be easily 40X the concentration of our lil pools. It certainly kills plants, but no way I am going swimming in it. :-0

I know Ben always removed those, perhaps you should to?



If you are referring to the EcoSmarte rep I have been ansering her posts. As long as she stays in the proper section and does not peddle her wares, which she has not , YET. then she is really abiding by forum rules, IMHO. Anyway, I would LOVE to tear her apart claim by pseudoscience claim if she does try to peddle her ionizer. So far she has not answered me directly but only other posters ;)
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