White Flakes out of return jets


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Jul 13, 2019
Sulphur, Oklahoma
5 gallons of muriatic acid in total...making progress slowly but surely. TA is down to 175. PH is at 7.4. Added 1 gallon of liquid stabilizer but test still shows under 30 for CYA??? FC was up to 10 this evening. The temperature has cooled down the last few days. SWG had been running at 70% on 95 degree days, went ahead and bumped it down to 40% since FC was getting higher than recommended levels. I guess I will continue to add acid each day to try and lower TA down to 80 or so. CSI is down to -.53 according to pool math. I know PH will likely be back up in the morning so that CSI will probably rise. I still have been cleaning the white calcium flakes out of the pool each day. Just want to make sure those are all good ideas or if I should be doing something different. Thanks.