Where to store muriatic acid

Hello all,

I'd appreciate suggestions on where to store muriatic acid. I had been storing it in a cabinet in the garage until I noticed that the hinge is corroding. Interestingly enough, it's only the hinge near the MA shelf. Afterwards, I moved it to open shelving in the garage but there is now a bit of corrosion on that one shelf too.

I have heard that MA should be stored in a below 70 degree environment. If that's the case, the best I can do is inside my house, but with kids and all, I really would hate to do that.

Where do you all keep your MA?



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Feb 4, 2010
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mamacrumbcake, i store mine in the garage in a rubber maid storage bin so during the summer time it gets quite hot but have not had any issues to this point.

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Jun 22, 2009
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20º Baume (31.45%) can be stored in just about any climate. It freezes at about -40º and boils at about 230ºF (110ºC). It's stable against UV and heat degradation. I store mine outside in a all plastic shaded bin.

You could store it in the sun but the plastic jug will degrade from the UV in sunlight.