Where do I start correcting these SWG readings?


Jul 19, 2009
CYA - Too low to register
TA - Too low to register
pH - 7.98
FC - Too low to register
TC - 0.19

Finally got a tester for our newly inherited pool and the readings are as above. What should I start by altering? I think pH, then TA and CYA but just wanted to check. Would I do chlorine levels last of all?

Thanks from a newbie who is very glad she has a tester now!


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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
Hi, what are you using to test with? If these are readings from an electronic device I would not trust these results. Unless you filled your pool with distilled water it would be very unusual to have nothing in it. Also we need to know your CH (calcium) level, pool size and type in order to make recommendations for your pool.

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