When to shock?

Aug 16, 2007
We have recently had a lot of rain over the past few weeks. It was difficult for me to get outside and do much with the pool because it was literally pouring and storming just about every night when I got home from work (it was a little neglected). Almost overnight my pool was cloudy; I could see the bottom, but it was pretty cloudy. My numbers were fine i.e. Ph, alkalynity, stabilizer; My only problem was a 0 free chlorine reading. I used two pounds of Fresh and Clear and two pounds of Power Powder Plus (not all at once, I waited a few hours in between). I ran my filter all day and now it's crystal clear.

Should I shock my pool every time it rains? I've never had cloudy water before, but this year is the first in a long time when we will get 2-3 inches of rain at a time. I'd appreciate any help.


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May 7, 2007
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You might want to shock your pool every time the chlorine goes to zero, but that shouldn't have to happen very often. If you think it is going to rain put a little extra chlorine in, much simpler than cleaning up afterwards.