What R the Best Poles, Nets, etc


Jun 7, 2008
I went through two poles last year.

The First was simply not long enough and was given to my neighbor the second one bent under the weight of a bullfrog named jeremiah, but not so much a good friend of mine.

I am getting ready to open and looking to get a real professional quality model.
I found http://www.skimlite.com/

They seem to have a real pro line but never heard of them, which means nothing I rather new to this.

I would rather spend the extra money and have it last, anyone use these or recomend another manufacturer?

This is home use but would buy a pro series to have it last.
Thanks in advance,


Jun 7, 2008
I am a bit surprised nobody has any comments on poles.
Do you guys all just use the biogaurds with no problems.

Maybe I just got a pole damaged in transit and it bent easily??

Nobody has purchased a higher end model?


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I'm guessing everyone else is like me and has never had any problems with theirs.

I have the standard blue Pentair that came from the builder and it has worked fine.

The one in your links looks like a good one though. My latest somewhat related purchase was a Wall Whale which I highly recommend.
Jun 2, 2008
Chesapeake, VA
Dunno what kind of pole I have (came with the house) but I've never had problems with it despite leaving it outside all the time and it being who knows how old.

I find that mind tend to bow a bit when extended so I just try to keep it halfway-extended at a maximum and maneuver around the edge of the pool so I don't have to reach as far.

Probably going with the professional grade would help... the professional grade poles at InTheSwim.com seem to get positive ratings (though the standard one doesn't fare so well).


If you want a really good pole go for a professional fiberglass one. It won't be cheap but you will really like it.