What is the proper way to replaster a pool?


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Aug 7, 2010
Lake Jackson, TX

I will inevitably have to re-plaster my pool. I have had a couple of bids so far and I didn't like the technique they were offering. They were planning to just skim over the old. So, what is the correct way to do a re-plaster?


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Nov 26, 2013
Elkridge, MD
I just got my pool replastered today with a Quartzscapes blue plaster. According to the contract, the first thing was to apply a bond coat adhesive, then plaster over that. They also drilled out the old fittings and installed new eyelets. But essentially, they plastered over my old white plaster that was chipped, stained, and in some parts down to the concrete base. I'm not sure what other methods you're thinking about, but the 3 companies I talked to about getting replastering were all doing the same thing.

Hope that helps.