What is the BEST lounger /raft?


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Jun 26, 2007
SF Bay Area

How is the Baja II from Texas Recreation working out? We do not have any (zip, zero, nada) floats or chairs or lounges. I'm thinking that reading the morning paper would be a lot more fun in the pool on a lounge than at the breakfast table. :-D

I've always thought that the inflatable float chairs and lounges looked like they were only meant to last a season or so.

Can the Baja II be adjusted at all?

And how much trouble am I going to be in with the wife if I only buy one? :shock:

Should I be looking at any other brands or models?



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You know I never did try it. My mom got one and it turned out to be junk. You sank in the water so far that the cup holders went under and it didn't recline well. However, the plain foam float that lays flat, but the same folks, is fantastic.