Weird test results....PH and TA


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Mar 30, 2007
Virginia Beach
I am getting weird test results in my pool and was hoping for a second (or even third!) opinion. I have a 6000g fiberglass pool. I am sad to say that I haven't tested it in a long time but I am only now starting to get into it for this year. Have been keeping Chlorine tabs in the skimmer basket and running it regularly for a few hours a day and the water is sparkling clear. I tested today and here is what I found:

I have a Taylor K2006

A. PH test was total yellow. 7.0 or lower?? I added 24oz Mule team 20.
B. Alk. This is the weird one. I added two drop of the first agent.. The second agent is green and is supposed to turn the sample green. It turned it red. I do not even know where to go from here!
C. CYA 70. Gotta switch to bleach and let the rain dilute it.
D. CL 3.

I have been doing a lot of cement work around the pool and wonder if I have jack up the chemistry with runoff. Any thoughts?


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May 7, 2007
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That means your TA is zero and your PH is very very low. You should raise your PH as soon as possible to at least 7.0. Borax is the best thing to use, but soda ash, washing soda, PH Up, etc are all fine as well.

Chlorine tablets are acidic. If you use chlorine tablets you need to be constantly raising the PH to compensate. Forgetting to do that is the most likely cause of the low PH and TA.