week number 2 with new pool....


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Sep 10, 2007
Gloucester County, NJ
Week 1 numbers (9/11)
pH = 7.4
alkalinity = 70
cya = 0
total hardness = 70
total chlorine = 0
free chlorine = 0

28,000 gallon gunite/plaster pool w/ 60sq ft DE filter

Week 2 numbers (9/18 )
pH = 7.5
alkalinity = 120
cya = 100
calcium hardness = 190
FC = 1.5
TC = 2.0
TDS = 250

We are not yet running our Nature 2. I shocked the pool on Sunday night, and have introduced a total of 6lbs of CYA over the past week. This is the first test that has actually registered any chlorine levels. At this point, I am running Trichlor pucks through the automatic chlorinator.

Should I do anything else at this point? We don't expect to close the pool until the end of October.


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May 7, 2007
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I hope todays CYA test is wrong. 6 lbs of CYA and some trichlor pucks wouldn't be enough to get you to 100. If your CYA is really 100, you will need to bring it down.

In the long run I suspect your TA will end up too high. You don't need to do anything about that just yet. You can probably put off dealing with it till spring.


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Sep 10, 2007
Gloucester County, NJ
come to think of it, I thought CYA of 100 seemed high in that short a time, and it didn't seem to jibe with what my test strips indicated. I'll have it re-tested this weekend. that said, I am already tiring of questioning the validity of my aquachek test strips. i plan to buy a real test kit for next season.

should I do anything about the differential between the CC of 2.0 and the FC of 1.5 or just try to maintain things before we close it next month?



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Mar 29, 2007
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SMuggs, welcome to TFP and congrats on the new pool :whoot: Rather than wait until next season to get a decent test kit like the TF kit offered by Duraliegh, go ahead and get it now so that when you close the pool you know that the numbers are good. Gee, gotta wonder why they're often called 'guess strips' - :roll: