wedding cake steps out for winter?


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Jul 23, 2007
pacific nw
I've heard everyone recommend taking these step units out for the winter season..I just wanna know why..will they crack if the top layer of water freezes or what..our winters are usually kinda mild..maybe a week of snow & temps in the 25-35 range, usually more rain than anything. we just put the steps in a 27 ft ag this summer so wanna know what to do next. They were a pain to put in (screwing in the pebble filled ballasts) & don't relish the thought of taking them out & in & out & in


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
If you winterize then you should take the steps out, if you don't then you can leave them in. Basically if there is any non-trivial amount of ice on top of the water in the winter the steps should come out.