We had a problem with our SWG not working...

Jul 22, 2008
We had a problem with our SWG not working.
Had the cell replaced and salt levels are great, generator working fine now.
HOWEVER, not fixed fast enough as had cloudy green water a week ago.
I'm still fighting this and now the water is much clearer than it was, we can actually see the bottom now. It is a clear
green tint, if that makes sense. I assumed we had algae. I have added chlorine based on the pool calculator and things
are not improving as fast as I'd like. I need more advice.

Our pool company said that we have enough "shock" in there and we need stabilizer, however when they told us that, I had a 0 chlorine reading. I had CYA level checked at Leslies,
they said CYA was 60. When I checked it with your kit (of which I'm out of and need to order refills since doing so much
testing!) Since then we have added stabilizer and our pool company also added it. I understand it takes time for the reading
to adjust. I'm so confused as to what to do next. So frustrating. HELP!

I keep adding chlorine and the readings do not stay stabile and I still have green water.
The latest readings this evening 7:00 p.m.

FC 5.5
CC 1.0
TC 6.5
Ph 6.8
Salt level 3500....ok
CYA 20 (says the pool store but have added a gallon since)

I used the Pool Calculator and added 246 oz of 6% bleach to bring the level up to 12 for shock level.


I haven't invested in algaecides, as the pool stores try to sell you everything. Would a clarifier help?

We brushed and scrubbed about every surface and vacuumed it today. I was surprised that the bottom and sides of the pool
were very clean feeling prior to the brushing and upon entering the pool,( yes I went in), there was so slippery feeling at all.
I thought algae made the surface slippery?

There is a very strong chlorine smell going on before I just added the recommended 246 oz bleach.

I need advice! Thanks.


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Hi npl and welcome to the forum :wave:

You do need to shock your pool, but first you need to raise your pH to around 7.2ish.
Instructions for how to shock your pool are in Pool School here pool-school/shocking_your_pool

What was the CYA level when you tested it? If we assume the test for CYA 20, then a gallon of liquid CYA, would be an additional 20, for a total of 40? Based on that, your shock level is at least 16.

When was the CYA added that you added and that the pool company added? If it has been about a week, it should register on your tests. I have a feeling your CYA is higher than 40.

Post back in this thread and someone will be around to help :)
Jul 22, 2008

I had the shock level at 20-24 based on initial testing of CYA level of 52 at the pool store. I kept it at 20 for 24 hrs. and even doing this we got rid of the cloudiness but still green. I had more testing done and that is when
I called the pool company to come out. They didn't tell me a CYA reading. So back to a "supposedly" more
reputable pool store and their reading was 20, granted 2 days after CYA added. It's to the point now where I don't know what to do as everyone is telling me you cannot get an accurate CYA reading when you are fighting
algae. :(
Jul 22, 2008
Also, if the CYA level takes several days to register accurately, then do I still add what the pool calculator
suggests at this time? I have tested so much, I'm out of testing supplies..need to order refills.
so frustrating......
Jul 22, 2008
I"ve brushed and vacuumed the entire pool. Every surface feels "clean" and cannot see anything attached

Filter pressure 8.

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Step back and take a breath! Now isn't that better?

don't get too stressed. Go ahead and order the refills you need for the test kit. Which test kit do you have, the TF-100, TF-100XL, Taylor K-2006?
You do test a lot when trying to clear a pool but once you get it cleared it gets a lot better.
In order to shock properly you really need a good CYA number. One you are relatively sure of. That's one number that the pool stores have the most trouble with.

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