Water ok?


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Apr 21, 2007
I did a full test. I think the water looks great. Here are the numbers:

TC 3.5
CC 1.0
CYA 60
pH 7.5
TA 140
CH 120
salt 3300
temp 90-93

It's a 11000 gal vinyl IG with aqua rite SWG, DE filter. It's got a automatic cover that is on it except for 2-4 hours per day while we swim. I need to get the CH up to 200 based on the warranty card that came with the vinyl liner. It says 200ppm. No idea why... but that's what the TARA vinyl liner papers say.

With vigorous kicking the water produces what look like soap bubbles that dissipate very quickly. normal?

The cover keeps it almost like a warm tub just from sunlight. it gets about 2/3 a day of sunshine.

I'll finish the pool build post I started in may once the fence is finished. The fence builder is working on it half days it's been so hot lately.

No algae whatsoever, but we've been dealing with TONS of millipedes. Once the cover was on they had trouble getting in, but the water is a millipede magnet. Millipede carcasses are probably the CC creator. We vacuum up a small pile daily. Before the cover got installed, the entire bag of a dolphin robot was FILLED with them when dropped in every other day about a month ago when it got filled. That was GROSS dumping that thing out... some were still alive... ewww.

What do you think?
Change anything?



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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
With CC above 0.5 I would normally say you should shock the pool. Since you have the cover on almost all the time the pool gets very little direct sunlight. If you left the cover off for several days while the sun is shinning on the pool that might take care of the CC and it wouldn't hurt your water temperature significantly (as long as it is back on in the evening). One way or another you should get the CC down.

Your TA is a little high, but nothing serious. It will probably come down slowly on it's own (as long as you maintain the PH). Or you could take care of it now and your PH wouldn't tend to drift up as quickly.