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Sep 16, 2008
Jacksonville, FL
We are having our pool built starting next month. That being said, I’d like to get a meter that is pretty accurate, without spending a fortune, that I can connect to the hose to measure that amount of water my pool holds when done. This will help with my chemical balances and adjusting in the future.

Any suggestions?


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Nov 23, 2017
Port Orange, FL
My city of Port Orange has electronic water metering that can be accessed by the water customer through Aquahawk. You can look at your water use down to each hour if you wish and the monitoring is accurate to 10 gallon increments. Potable water and reclaimed water have two different meters so they can be monitored separately. Your town/city may have a similar system and if so you may be able to use it to monitor your fill and accuracy would likely be better than a simple consumer item. If you area has such an option you'll need to create an on-line account with your information.
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Jul 3, 2018
This is just what I use to indicate my pool water consumption. The digital display indicates current flow to the pool autofill leveler and the total use. I reset the total at the beginning of each month. Eventually I will have a monthly and yearly indication of water use due to backwashes and evaporation.

So far, I am very happy now with this method of tracking my pool water consumption but I must say that it was a bit of a pain to install and did set me back about 5 bills total to include the metering device, digital display, plumbing etc, so this may or may not be a suitable solution for your needs and application.

This is just one of many solutions that may be available to you.
Good luck with your project.
Take care and the best.
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