Wanna Be Builder.....


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Apr 7, 2018
Hello Everyone, I've been reading TFP and found a lot great & interesting information all at the same time. I'm from Canada living near the southern border. Retired Machinist and looking for a Project, I wanna Build my own Fiberglass Pool, right from Plug... to Mold... to Pool. This site is helping me along the way! If there is anyone with experience that would like to contribute Please feel free..... I want to learn about everything from Gel-coats, Types of Resins , Plywood to use for the sides & bottom (for Plug),Chopper Guns (Cleaning Chop Guns), Draft Angle, Respirators (ventilation for my garage) Best place to buy my Supplies & anything I've missed! Oh Yea....Videos too!
I will be posting my Progress along the way.
Any Secret Tips you can PM me
Thank-you All for your time


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Forget PM! Share any and all info on his build thread! That is going to be one intense build for sure. I can't say I have see anything even come close to building the pool by hand :shock:

I hope you do end up doing it! It will be fun to watch!