Wanda The Whale (New) - Not staying flat


Jun 6, 2015
Plymouth, Indiana
I have a new pool cleaner. Wanda is not staying flat. I have plenty of pressure. Do you think I may have to much pressure? Have plenty of hose. Any Suggestions? Cleaner is moving but tipping up on edge and not staying in the correct position. Thank you.

Above Ground - 27' Round - Vinyl Liner (3 yr) - New Hayward Sand Filter and Hayward Pump - New Wanda the Whale Hayward Cleaner - Chlorine - Not new to caring for a pool. Had an Inground for 20 years. Moved - 1st Above Ground.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! Can you give us some more information about your pool? Please edit your signature to include information about the pool such as pool type (above ground or in ground), surface (vinyl, plaster, or fiberglass), size in gallons, pump brand and horsepower, filter type (sand, DE, or cartridge), filter brand and size, and any water features, cleaning systems, and if there is a spa (attached or detached). Also please include that you are on well water or under water restrictions if those conditions apply to your pool. It will show up at the bottom of everything you post and it is easier for us to help you if we don't have to search the thread for this information.

When we have more information it will be easier to narrow down the problem.

Do you have enough hose for it to reach completely across the pool?

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Oct 15, 2014
A few reasons for the Wanda tipping over. One, make sure the leader hose is attached to the unit and not a common connector. Also this cleaner is for an above ground pool. Two, if the unit goes to one end of the pool and there is not enough hose it will tip over. Three, a strong return line hitting the hose can cause it to turn over. Redirect the return down.