VS pump for AGP, what are my choices ?


Jun 13, 2021
Acton, ontario, Canada
I finally caved in, and decided to just go for it and get VS pump, and don't worry about it anymore :)
I have 13,5k above ground pool, with 100feet total pipe lenght used for heater, Hayward 21'' filter rated for 44gpm.
My only need is for it to operate on 115v outlet, as there is one installed already right next to pool.

These two pumps kinda reached my interest, anything else I should consider ?
Speck Speck 1.1 HP Variable Speed Above Ground Pool Pump (3-Prong Plug) - E71-II VHV - INYOPools.com
Pentair Pentair SuperFlo® VS 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pump - EC-342001 - INYOPools.com


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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
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Both those are great selections.. I notice you are in Canada, are there any companies up there that would be cheaper?.. I wish you could get 240V at your pump pad.. there are the same/better pumps for cheaper :)

If I had to pick from you selections it would be the 1.5hp Pentair.. My Pentair has been a rockstar for 9 years now.. :)
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