Verify the correct CH target...


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Sep 30, 2016
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Here's where I'm currently at:

[TABLE="width: 179"]
[TD]FC (ppm)[/TD]
[TD]CC (ppm)[/TD]
[TD]TA (ppm)[/TD]
[TD]CH (ppm)[/TD]
[TD]CYA (ppm)[/TD]
[TD]Salt (ppm)[/TD]
[TD]SWG (ppm)[/TD]

According to the water balance documentation, CH needs to be around 350-450. Just got back from my local pool store where they were saying it really shouldn't be much above 200. Yes, they know I have a plaster pool. Which is it and what's your best guess as to why the other source is saying otherwise?



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Jul 7, 2014
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Look at your CSI...

Using your numbers above you are at -.76 or corrosive

Increasing your CH to 450 drops you to -.34 and increasing your pH to 7.8 gets you in the -.16 range...

You only have two choices.. believe the Pool Store or us... and remember, we are not trying to sell you anything... :D

Jim R.