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Jun 8, 2007
You'd be amazed at what is at the bottom/side of your pool.

I have had my pool up about a month and just bought a hose that will attach to my cheap scubber head that came with the pool (the kind you hook a water hose up to)

I have used it w/ just the water hose and tried to catch debris with the net and it got it decently clean.

My pool was pretty well clean (so I thought) when I vacumed it for the first time. I spent about 30 minutes vacuming it all over just ot make sure it was clean and then checked the filter. The filter was full of all sorts of nasty stuff I never seen.

So I'd say to keep your pool in tip top shape Id buy a vacume... even if its just a long hose that attaches to one of the cheaper cleaners.

I will be buying a better vacume later down the line, but this works wonders and can tell my pool even looks cleaner. Even tho before I thought it was clean


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Jun 4, 2007
Putnam County, NY
Rhesha said:
do I need to vacuum my pool if there is no visible debris at the bottom?
Not really. No need to vacuum in the absence of dirt. ;)

Also I have found the best pool cleaner is USE. The kids splashing and kicking stirs up everything so the filter can get it.


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May 25, 2007
I vacuum when the accumulation of bugs (suicide rate must be HIGH for pill bugs) and misc debris get's past my personal rate of tolerance :)

I agree use is the best vacuum, except for the big stuff.


Jun 28, 2007
SE Louisiana
it came with a vac... i vacuumed after an algea bloom, and it was just coming back in the pool... i dont think my vacuum allows to vac to waste.. so now, the bottoms stays clean, not many leaves, dirt. etc.... i'm brushing it along with the sides... the only problem I have are all these dang freakin bugs.. the skimmer gets some, but i have to scoop most of them out. i can also see small particle in the water, but my water is still a little cloudy, so i'm thinking thats probably why.


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Jun 26, 2007
I have the same pool set up as you do almost, and putting a knee high, nylon over the skimmer basket sure helped a lot with bugs, I get a lot of those swimming bugs that seem to be able to thrive in chlorine, but you have to be careful, because on the first day, I had so many bugs in the nylon that it almost shut down the pump! I have had some success also with keeping a pool noodle in the pool that gives the bugs something to get onto if they are stuck in the water.

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