Vacation - Shock before leaving?


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Jun 7, 2010
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I have similar situation but little worse.

I am having my pool liner replaced with scheduled appointment on July 12 week.
They will flush out the water and have to replace water with public tap water.

Currently my pool is green, lot of algae and I see bugs and things moving around the pool since pool has not been used.

I have to for another 2 weeks before getting new liner. I am concerned with stuff growing in the water and general hygiene.

What should I do? Any cheap way to sanitize the pool without turning on the filter. Prefer not to get all Crud into my filter.

Should I close the pool with the cover after sanitizing it?

Please suggest!


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May 30, 2007
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You could change your setting to recirculate and bypass the filter. Also, you could vac to waste.

See Pool School for articles on "How to's" for shocking and clearing your pool. :)
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