Using well water with high akalinity

We purchased a new hot tub a month ago and am very new to this. We live in the country and have a water well, lots of water, poor quality.... when we first got hot tub we got water from Town that is treated and chlorinated so first fill was quite simple, had sensitivities with the chemicals we first used it was recommended that we drain tub and start again, we filled hot tub yesterday and are in the process of adjusting the alkalinity, we are using muriatic acid to balance it and are slowing gaining, this is a new fill so why would there be a fair amount of foam in tub? Is it because of the high alkaline? We use test strips to test the water and the well water is around 300-500 ppm.


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May 7, 2007
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In a tub, you can lower the TA level fairly quickly if you add acid while running the jets. Pour the acid very slowly with the jets running. Pre-calculate the total amount of acid you are going to need and then use perhaps 3/4 that amount, stop retest and continue to adjust from there.

Foaming is usually caused by either some soap getting into the tub, or by CH being too low. You want CH around 120 to 150.


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Essentially, yes. You need to read the article in Pool School on reducing alkalinity before you go further.