Using river tubes in a pool asking for trouble?

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Jul 27, 2020
Portland OR
New pool owner but I have spent many summers floating down a river in a tube (intex river runs) and have around 6 of them currently. Was wondering if it would be safe to use them in the pool or if I'd be tempting algae trouble. I don't know how long algae can live, I haven't used these since June of last year. I figured maybe if I got a plastic bin and immersed them in a fairly strong water/bleach bath and then scrubbed and rinsed them off before putting them in the pool it'd be ok? It'd save me some money on buying new stuff. But if there's any risk to the pool water then I'll just buy new pool only floats


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May 27, 2019
Houston, TX
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There is algae everywhere. As long as you keep the FC at the proper level to your CYA, you will be fine.

I found algae lurking in the hose of my pool cleaner. Watching. Waiting.

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