Used Solar Panels a good idea?

When is time to throw away Solar panels and no longer repair?

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May 1, 2011
Scottsdale, AZ
Assuming age cannot be determined, and the lack of leaks and problems cannot be identified when buying used, are used panels a good idea Let's assume they are 10+ years old and maybe even sat in the sun without water in them for longer periods of time. I can fix leaks but will I be buying something that will just be deteriorating and just waste my time? Or can I expect a few more years with maybe 1-2 leaks a year which is fine for me when paying used prices? I noticed the long warranties but those would not apply on used. And are they truly going to last something like 30 years with just minor repairs?

What is your experience after 10+ years? Throw away or worth repairing? Does brand matter?