Used sand filter. How do I check to make sure it works?


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Jun 12, 2016
How do I check to make sure it works and everything is in good working order before I modify my fittings and hook up?
Also it was moved with the sand in it before we knew that was a no no. What do we need to look for and how do we remove the sand?


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Jul 10, 2009
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Either scoop out the sand by hand or use a shop vac. Inspect the laterals and standpipe for cracks, and inspect the spider gasket for loose spots or excess wear. If its all good put it back together and refill 3/4 full with #20 grade silica sand.


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Apr 11, 2019
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Intex sand filters have a Min fill and Max fill line on the center pipe inside the sand filter. Fill sand to halfway between those two lines. Cover the top of the pipe with a cup if you didn't get the pipe cover that comes with it, so you don't get sand down that pipe. If you can find the model number on the sand filter, you can use that to find the manual online at, if you don't have that either.

You won't find what you need to convert at a hardware store. You'll have to Ebay, Amazon and it. You will need: BOS Complete SFX to Ground Pump Conversion Kit for Summer Waves Pools: Garden & Outdoor. Might want to see if you can buy each piece separately and make it cheaper. Then you'll want these if you don't have those either: Intex Above Ground Plunger Valves with Gaskets & Nuts Replacement Part (2 Pack): Garden & Outdoor

Put the plunger valves Directly on the Sand filter, then put the reducers that are in the kit on the plunger valves, then your hoses. These things are ALL that you will need. You will NOT need Anything else, except that I recommend 3 worm gear hose clamps(1 at the skimmer hose connection, 1 on the reducer hose connection INTO the sand filter from the skimmer, 1 on the reducer hose connection OUT of the sand filter back to the pool) rather than the plastic ones that come in the kit. You don't need Hayward anything. You don't need PVC pipe, or ball do not need to hard plumb anything to make this work. You might end up with an extra hose(the one you took off the skimmer because it's not long enough to reach the sand filter) but keep it and the Summer Waves pump you're removing, so you have a back up way to filter in case the Intex Filter or Pump fails.
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