Upgrade to variable speed pump?


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Jun 24, 2020
Plano, TX
I am moving into a new house with a pool and want to convert the existing pump to a variable speed pump. The system has a Jandy Aqualink RS controller, but not sure what model number by just looking at the controller. The system was installed in 2008. Doing some research, it appears Jandy does support VS motors.

For VS pumps, is there an serial connection between the controller and the VS pump? Also, how do you program the Jandy Aqualink RS? Is that done from a remote panel/handheld ? I think the current homeowner has a handheld controller, but not sure. I see an antenna next to the RS box.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

Are you in the house yet?

Jandy has a few different types of controllers for the Aqualink RS - All Button, One Touch, and PDA. You can find information and manuals at the Jandy website...

You should be able to add a VS pump that communicates by a data cable to the RS. When you get in you need to check the firmware version on your RS system.

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Jun 5, 2016
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Might even want to consider upgrading the rs to the iaqualink and ditching Those old controllers. Everything can then be done on your cell phone including setting up the latest VS motors. IIRC it was about $600 and an easy upgrade for a DIYer
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