Two speed pump question


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May 16, 2010
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I'm considering replacing my aging single speed pump with a two speed pump (don't want a variable speed pump for reasons specific to my setup). I would like it to run on low speed most of the time for maybe 12 hours a day and high speed for heating, cleaning (polaris), etc. But I'm wondering if it will prime on low speed when it switches on each day?

Anybody have any first hand experience with this?

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But I'm wondering if it will prime on low speed when it switches on each day?
It should. I have no problems with my 2-speed when it starts on low. It might take a few seconds longer to purge any standing air, but it should still do fine. If not, if you feel that your system responds better when priming on high, you should be able to program your timer(s) to do that as well if you chose. For example, since Intermatic timers have various on/off options per day/per timer, I would think you could have that flexibility to start on high for just a few minutes then go back to low all day if you wanted. Here's just one example if you didn't already know about it:

There are probably other programming options, so you may receive more suggestions from other owners who do the same thing.


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Jul 16, 2012
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Is there a standard feature of a 2-speed pump to run on high for a few minutes even when selecting the low speed? That's what mine does though it may be via the automation, not the pump itself. It serves to ensure the pump primes properly, if needed, then switches to low.