Turbo liquid solar blanket


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Oct 5, 2007
Valrico, FL
I wanted to write a review of my experience with the Turbo liquid solar blanket made by Sunsolar Energy Technologies. I purchased this item little more than a month ago. My local pool store owner recommended it, and also it was on sale with a rather large discount.

Before I purchased this unit, I was having to refill my pool every four days. Since placing the unit in the pool, I go between seven to ten days between refills. Even since installing the solar heater, the frequency between refills has not greatly increased! So I can say that it has cut water loss due to evaporation by more than 50%.

What it will not do is heat your pool. Before having the solar heating installed, we never saw an increase in the water temperature. However on the other hand it did not decrease that much either.

On the down side, it appears that these units have an occasional problem with the built in pump. Every so often (one week or so) I have to remove the unit from the pool, bang it on the side of the pool, and replace it back in the water. The unit is suppose to last two months, and it still looks like it is more than half full.