Trying To Open....Priming Question

Apr 9, 2017
Trying to open our 2-year old pool for the first time by ourselves. Having trouble with priming the pump. First problem...pump was built too high above the pool (bad contractor).

To today's issue: I have been able to get the main drain line to prime. Just moments ago...I let the pump run for 30 minutes....running fine with only main drain line open (skimmer line closed). Decided to open the skimmer line.....and pump lost its prime in 10 seconds.

Removed the gray winterizing piece from the skimmer yesterday. Water level is way high. Could that be the problem? Was backwashing to lower the level before the prime was lost.

I can call the terrible contractor and get his back out here....but thought I would ask for any advice.



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Apr 17, 2010
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Do you have a back flow preventer valve in the line going into the pump to help keep it from losing prime? That may be the easiest solution. Welcome to the forum.