Treating water~ How do you do it?

How do you sanitize/balance your pool water?

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Jul 27, 2007
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I'd say you're short on a few options... I for one use a SWCG so I don't really qualify as BBB nor do I TIC. Plus there are more than a few that use the pool-store guidance and chemicals (or is that what you consider TIC?)


Lulupalooza, if you are referring to whether people test their water to determine what and how much they need or just dump stuff in their pools and hope for the best I think you will find that most of our members (if not all) do the former since, no matter HOW you are sanitizing your pool it is the proper way to do it (even if you are using trichlor tabs and bags of shock).


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Mar 30, 2008
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Actually should have rephrased it a little diffrently, but since it wouldn't let me edit the post, oh well.

I was just curious to see how many uses the bbb method or the TIC(pool store chems, like shock, triclor, etc.)

Forgot to add those who use SWCG :)

I figured that most people use the pool store stuff. I am actually quite surprised to see that a lot use the BBB method.


BBB ARE pool store chems, they just have other names for them like liquid chlorine for the bleach, Optimizer, Supreme, and Endure for the borax, and alkalinity increaser for the baking soda. There is no magic or method to BBB other than knowing WHAT chemical you need to add, HOW MUCH to add, and WHEN to add it. This is determined by water testing with a good test kit. Those 'pool store chems' you refer to ARE used in the BBB method. There is a place for trichor (great with new plaster pools) and cal hypo (commonly sold as shock) in pool maintenance when used properly.

Bottom line is that a pool can be properly maintained with pool store chemicals and badly maintained by BBB. Like I said, proper testing and dosing is the difference. :wink: Ditto for SWGs.