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May 10, 2007
Hello all. Glad that I found this sight. I began researching pool information about 2 months ago when my wife and I decided to install a pool in our back yard. It was reccomended that I go to the PF sight, but then I came to the sad conclusion that something was not right there. What a shame with all that wonderful information that could be shared if only you could register. So, thank you Sean for creating this one.

Well about me. my name is Todd, I live in Winchester Virginia, Home of the Shenandoah Apple blossom. I am a disabled retired US Marine. I am fortunate to have married way over my head as I found a lovely bride who is smarter than I am. We have three wonderful (well mostly) kids, (1 daughter and 2 sons) My daughter is the oldest and will be driving (me nuts) by the end of the year! My sons are younger.

We bought our house last year and have been remodeling ever since. But now that spring is here and the late cold spell has ended, we are ready to finish the back yard with two patios and a pool.

My hobbies include what ever I feel like doing at that given time, but truthfully, I take care of the house since my wife went back to college full time in the fall. Our kids also eat up alot of time but are worth every minute. otherwise I love to do wood working, making cabinets and furniture. I have a full shop and spend as much time as I can get out there....I even put AC and Heat in the shop!

Well, i guess that will cover it. please be patient with me as I am a slow learner sometimes.....