Too many Pentair pump choices, help!


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Jan 4, 2013
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Hello all!
Quick background. I'm ready to replace my existing pump and I've decided on the Pentair VSF line for (mostly) obvious reasons. My current setup uses a single Jandy PlusHP 2hp single speed model. It's a PHPM2.0 which is their Max line having a service factor of 1.13 for a Total HP of 2.25hp. This one pump runs both my pool and spa with about 26,000 gallons total. According to nameplate data, it consumes 2688 watts for 10 plus hours a day! That's 26.9 KWh per day! And my bill reflects it in the summer! My main reason for upgrading is the electrical use. From reading around on the forum it seems a common speed for VS pump users is around 1300 rpm which is around 650 watts. That would be around 6.5 KWh per day versus the 26.9 currently. Dramatic difference! As I understand it, buying a new VS pump should pay for itself in about 2 years. Works for me!

So, onto my options. First, the Pentair website is confusing. For the VSF pumps it seems I have 4 options that all have the same motor (3.9 THP), are similar in price ($1,035-$1,090 quick web search) but have WEF's (watt efficiency factor - Energy Star Rating, higher is better) that vary from 5.6 to 7.5. I assume this is due to differences in the wet end which would be contrary to what I've read elsewhere on here that the wet ends are all the same for the VSF models. I don't know, nor can I find supporting documentation about any differences.

So, here are the model numbers:
011056 IntelliFlo VSF (I believe this is the replacement for the well known 011018, but not sure)
022056 IntelliFloXF VSF
011059 IntelliFlo i1
011060 IntelliFlo i2

Can anyone help explain the differences and maybe which pump would be best suited (and why) for my purposes please?

Thank you all in advance!

Jandy pump curves attached. 2nd curve from the top.



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Jul 7, 2014
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Just for reference, an IntelliFlo running at 1200 RPM, only uses 180 watts, not 650, so it even better than you thought.

The VS 011018 is a great pump.. the replacement is the 011028 and has rotatable control head... (This a Variable Speed only pump)

The 011056 is a VSF... This means it can be set to have Variable Speed and/or Variable Flow (There is almost no reason to have variable flow..)

The i1 or i2 are special pumps that you do not want.. They can run off of 120 volts or have limited flow.. Do not buy one of them!!!

The 022056 is a 'Extra Flow" pump and uses larger plumbing... You do not need this one..

The only thing wrong with the 011018 is that the control head is not rotatable. If it will be hard to get to the pump's control head, then you should buy a newer one with the rotatable head.

Do NOT buy any pump with the SVRS option... This is old now, so should not apply, but just in case any pump you buy says SVRS, do not buy it..

This is the one I would buy..


Jim R.


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Jan 4, 2013
Middletown, DE

Thanks for your insights. I pulled the trigger on the 011028 (not from poolsupplyunlimited though, I found it cheaper and free shipping elsewhere.) I saved money by not buying the Flow control version (011056) and spent some of it on a FLowVis to retrofit my Jandy check valve instead. I had no intention of buying an SVRS version! Plus I have no need with my pool being modern enough to have the separated drains in both the pool and the spa.

My initial question remains though...what really makes up the differences? I hear what you said about not buying the i1 or i2 and that the XF version has larger connections, etc. but none of that explains "why" not buy any of them. They all have the same motor, fact. I've heard on these forums that they all have the same wet ends...unsure. But why would they have fairly different WEF numbers? I would venture to say that the pump (in this series) that has the best WEF number would be the most efficient and thereby the best choice...unless there are actual differences that are not "documented" anywhere. That would be incredibly dumb on Pentair's part but not unheard of for a manufacturer. "This is what it does, just take our word for it!" When in fact they are all the same. Just speculating.


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Apr 29, 2016
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The i1 and the i2 are modified for special applications where the standard VS pump options won't work. They are not really for everyday pools. The i1 and i2 are for people who need the flow dynamics of a superflo pump but want the motor and automation control of the intelliflo series. The "I" models also limit the current draw of the motor which allows you to connect the pump to an otherwise undersized wire. That saves some folks from have to re-run power to get into a fancy VS pump. My guess is they are trying to offer it as a retrofit option for people who are now forced to by VS pumps because their states no longer allow the sale of single speed pumps.

The XF is just that. It has extra flow for when the standard intelliflo pump can't deliver enough water volume to meat the demand. Your pool has to be really big to even consider this pump.

The VSF is for people who need a pump to maintain water volume automatically as water features turn on and off. For most this is a completely useless function.

All the models use the same motor, and motor controller. The wet ends vary for each of the models.