Today is my last birthday before I turn forty



Happy birthday, i remember 40, thats when my site started to go, when my hearing started to get worse, and when the term "my old man" really came in to play,

but anyway have a happy birthday, and enjoy what ever your doing to celebrate.


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Apr 27, 2007
Happy Birthday ktdave I cant remember my 39th birthday. I hope as you get older you will see how great it is. I am retired, have a 3 year old daughter and can check my pool morning and evening. Life is great. If you dont have birthdays we all no what that means. So happy birthday and keep having them. :wink: Ric


jjparrish said:
Have a Happy Birthday, Dave. Hope you have many more.

It will soon be 5 o'clock somewhere! :wink:

well it will be 5'oclock here first, HA. any way, save me some birthday cake.