Thinking of converting Baquacil to Chlorine

Al Barrs

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May 31, 2010
We have had Baquacil in our pool since it was bought and installed in 1999. It is an oval 15' x 30' x 4.34' (52”) and ~13,500 gallons with a sand filter. We don't use it much and have to keep it covered from early fall to late spring because of our Pecan trees. I changed the sand year before last. I always use the sand cleaner before shutting the pool down in the Fall and drain the filter of water. I am considering going to Chlorine because of the cloudy water. I don't want to let the pool sit longer than through Winter because I don't want it to become infected with green algae even if we don't use it any or much. Right now the water level is down about 40% by volume. I plan to vacuum before I do anything or add any water to help the water stay clear because everything goes to the bottom during the Winter when it is covered and easier to vacuum as soon as I take off the cover. Of course vacuuming will take the water level down even more. We have our own water well, but it has calcium in it because the aquifer we pump water from is in lime rock here in the Florida Panhandle...Jackson County, FL.

Reading posts on your FORUM it seems like it takes an inordinate amount of Chlorine or bleach to do the job. Also, how often will I have to add Chlorine during the Summer? We usually spend about $400 per Summer on Baquacil products and still have cloudy water.

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May 20, 2007
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Hi Al,

I have the same gallons-size pool and I spend less than $100 a season on chlorinating my pool. Your first season you would spend more because of the initial cost of conversion, and the cost of a good test kit (which is essential to complete the conversion). But after that initial expense I would think your costs would be very similar to mine.

Chlorine is consumed on a daily basis. So you have to add it daily, either manually, thru bleach or liquid chlorine, or the use of trichlor tablets, powder cal-hypo (which you probably won't want) or an SWG.

Read How to Chlorinate your Pool in Pool School.

I don't think you'd have any regrets about switching. Your wallet will thank you :)