The start of a long journey - New Pool Build


Jun 27, 2019
We put every available penny into the pool and patio so putting the yard back was on me and took 2 seasons to get to where it started. I had all of my sprinkler lines cut between the pool and removing the 12 oak stumps in the general area. Then had to grow the grass back Then the next couple of years adding flowerbeds/plants and bushes. I knew exactly what I was signing myself up for when we started and it was still overwhelming. When I had the time I didn’t have the money and vice versa. Once the yard looked amazing, our 30 year old deck and sliding glass doors were an eyesore by comparison. 7 years in and it’s all beautiful and I would do it again in a heartbeat. But what a can of worms it was getting there.
I'm trying very hard to not blow the entire budget on the pool only because our lot is fairly close to our neighbors and for us to fully enjoy the outdoor space we would need a nice privacy buffer to feel completely comfortable. However, controlling the budget and seeing all the nice pools being built on this forum makes it a very hard thing to do!


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Jun 16, 2019
I did it without this forum. Now I’d feel inadequate spending twice what I did. Lol. My pool itself wasn’t all that expensive. But we upgraded the size, added a hot tub, bigger equipment and went with salt. Then added a heat pump while the crews were still onsite to not have to come back to it a few years later. So my budget was way blown before I even thought about the yard. But the funny thing was, the 100 people that visited in the put back together stage never noticed a thing. They were too busy wiping the burger juice off their faces and trying to pick up ribs that fell off their fork after they fell off the bone. Or just too busy doing cannonballs to care.