The Great Mistake (photo heavy!)


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Mar 24, 2019
I'm reasonably confident that we could've won a judgment against them and recovered some of our unexpected repair costs, but aside from being risky and stressful, it would require using that small measure of goodwill against her. Like you, we decided to let karma handle it and get on with enjoying the home.

That's going to be an amazing pool. Enjoy!
Thanks! Sounds very familiar.. I'd rather concentrate on what we can control and move on.

Wow! what a story!... sounds like pool variation of that movie with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long? How much coverage did you get from the home warranty? Insurance? Any pics post plaster? Since you were privileged to replace all the equipment, what did you put in?
The pool was opened (in my opinion) today! I'll take some photos tomorrow, but we haven't replaced any equipment yet. I've scheduled a visit for the home warranty people so we'll see what they say. We left the trench near the equipment dug out so if we do get anything replaced under warranty it should be easily accessible.

The two jet pumps are dead, as is the booster pump. The only working pump was the filter pump, and the sand filter is so old the gel coat on it has been long gone.. but it is working, obviously along with the control panel. TBD on the heater, I had to run a new gas line (which required a new gas meter install) and that should be done this week.

The pad is 30 years old and sunk and tilted a bit, which is why we had some many broken plumbing lines above ground.. you can see the years of sealant applied to stop the leaks due to stress on the PVC. We'll eventually re-pour a new pad and clean this all up, but for now we're limping by. We'll probably have more of an appetite for a thorough upgrade / replacement once we move in (still doing first floor renovations) and have had the winter to settle in and recover (emotionally, and financially!).