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Apr 20, 2010
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A couple questions:

1. From which part of my pool should I take the test sample? I know I need to be elbow deep (or a foot), but not sure whether to take from the shallow end or deep end. I should mention that I only have 1 return jet, which mostly points toward the deep end and downward.

2. How much suction should I be able to feel at the bottom drain? It feels very weak, almost to the point that I can't feel suction at all, but it is very slight.

3. The pool water is very clear, but as soon as I set foot on the first pool step or brush the bottom or sides of the pool, I can see white clouds coming off the surface. After sitting for an hour or two, the pool goes right back to crystal clear and you can't tell that it was ever cloudy or that there is anything on the surface. I don't know my CH level at the moment, so I understand if you can't give me specific advice...

The #'s that I do have right now are:
CL: 5
pH: 7.4
TA: 120
Not sure about CYA, but should be at 40-50. I only have a basic test kit right now, so I will go to the pool store soon to find out the CH, CC (if any) and exact CYA.

Thanks for you input!


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Feb 23, 2008
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Take your sample from the deep end. Just stick your arm in there to a reasonable depth and pull your sample up. Only take a sample when the pump has been circulating water for at least an hour. That way, you can be sure that everything is mixed well.

You shouldn't be able to feel much pull from your main. This is because you don't want it to pull so hard that you get a foot stuck there.

Without the rest of the test numbers, it's hard to tell what the white cloud is or could be. I wonder if it may be DE.

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