Tested water for first time.


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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Thank you. I just went to Leslie bc pinch a penny was closed. While I was there I had the water tested. My question is who is right? They show my calcium hardness much lower than my reading. The FC was 1.3 lower. Everything else was pretty much the same. Can I safely trust my kit or should I add some calcium?
Also, whats a swcg? Does that mean salt water? We have all travertine decking. I believe that will damage it. Will using liquid chlorine overtime damage the pool and decking?
You are right. You do not know if your sample was contaminated with the sample before you. Also, they are juggling phone calls and testing at the same time. You will get better as you test more so trust yourself. You will see consistency over time.

Your FC will fluctuate throughout the day. If you test in morning and they tested a sample you took 4 hrs later then expect FC to be lower as sunlight is absorbing some of it.
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