Test strip pictures

Thought you guys might like to see a test strip comparison of my water. I have a taylor 2006 but thought you might like to see how the test strips from hth compare
the left is the pool water, the centre is my well water, and the right is my water cooler water

The columns on the strips from top to bottom are, bromine, free chlorine, PH and TA

You can see the effect chlorine has on the bromine tab(the top tab). it's supposed to be a light green and the PH (third from top) is all out to lunch on the pool water because of the high chlorine. my well water is kinda basic and my water cooler is right on about 7.5 PH

TA for the pool is 120 and my well is about 40 and the water cooler is about 80

The actual numbers for the pool water is:
FC 28
TA 120
CYA 40
CH 120

Hope you guys like this.



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Jun 5, 2012
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Just noticed your post was still unanswered for over a week now. From the better late than never department, here's my $0.02:

Your numbers (except for FC) look good overall.

Just curious...What's the reason for an FC of 28? Even if you are shocking, an FC of 28 is above the mustard algae shock level for your 26,500 gal. pool and CYA level, per Pool Calculator.