Test Results


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Mar 28, 2007
The Woodlands, TX
It's been a while since I ran a complete set of tests. I needed to replenish some reagents and now that I have them here are the results:

(I used FAS-DPD for Cl, Taylor NaCl drop test, and Taylor k-2005 for the other tests)

Water Temp=84°
Ph: 7.6 or 7.8 (I cannot differentiate between the two)
FC=4.8 ppm
TC=4.8 ppm
TA=120 ppm
CH=300 ppm
CYA=<20? ppm
NaCl(Salt)=3600 ppm :grrrr:

The CYA reading is very low and the TA is a little high but the salt reading was shocking to me. My Goldline PS8 is reading 3000PPM right now. I was going to bump it up to 3200 but I am glad I didn't. I need to call Goldline and find out why the discrepancy. Unlike the Pool Pilot, the PS8 units cannot be calibrated. Maybe they need to send someone to check it.
Comments and suggestions welcome.


The older goldline units do not have a salt sensor and are not temperature compensated (the newer ones that can be calibrated are) so they use conductivity to estimate the salt level. This is certainly accurate enough butit means that you can be off by as much as 600 ppm and that is considered normal. Don't sweat it. Running your salt on the high side will actually prolong cell life. Also, the Taylor salt test is very prone to static electricity affecting the drop size and making the drops slightly smaller so you get a higher reading. Taylor recommends wiping the tip with a wet tissue between each drop, holding the bottle straight and not tilted, and letting the drop from and not squeezing it out for the most accurate results.
The other possiblilty is that your cell could have some scaling on it and that would cause the salt to read low. Inspect the cell and clean it if necessary.
While you are at it you might want to get your CYA back up to the 60-80 ppm range recommended by Goldline, your unit will operate much more effectiently and will not cause your pH to rise as fast nor you cell to scale as quickly.
Also if you lower your TA down to around 80 ppm and keep the pH at about 7.5-7.7 you will minimize your acid consumption.